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This Project has won:


  • Commonwealth Association of Architects Student Award Year: 2022  CAA Caribbean Region: Commendation Award

  • Best Final Year Undergraduate Research Project (Academic Year 2021-2022) - Caribbean School of Architecture, Best Research Project Award for 4th Year in the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies.

The architectural solution proposed is a “Resilient Landscaper” which can be built within the various cities of the Caribbean. The program of this mix-use building can be enlarged and expanded upon. Conceptualised and designed based on the concept of Ubuntu. Ubuntu can best be described as an African philosophy that places emphasis on 'being self through others’. It is a form of humanism which can be expressed in the phrases 'I am because of who we all are’.


The concept of Ubuntu embodies the idea of bringing all aspects of nature and mankind to a point of integration. Blending not only individuals from all walks of life, but also the different rituals of life within architectural spaces. Thereby creating a cohesive eco-system where, one is not alone but along side another, living in code. This concept was explored and applied throughout the design by the placement of spaces within the program. For example; a homeless shelter, library, community living rooms and gardens. The strategy of interlocking social spaces within formal and informal spaces create conversation zones, which foster a sense of unity and allow for others to add to their life by sharing with one and other.


The design also caters to the physical needs of man – their need for safe shelter and comfort. This was approached by addressing climate change and the persistent dangers of natural disasters posed by the ever nearing future. Futuristic strategies were adopted to mitigate possible threats.


Sustainability  – Its approach differed from the norm; the sustainability of the building is its social and pragmatic approach to the design. Meaning it acts as a garden city within a city. Allowing for the development of a unique identity and culture within, which can then be preserved and added to as time goes by. This along with solar generated power and water collection and purification; allows the structure to stand on its own. The Inclusion of Vegetation within the housing program attempts to create a cooling strategy to aid in the mitigation of climate. These plants are grown using UV lights placed above the planters and the energy required is generated in a sustainable manner with the use of Solar Panels.


Community Gardens were attached to each floor. Becoming the responsibility of the residents inhabiting that specific floor. This gives the residents of each floor a reason to interact, fostering co-operation between individuals. They are also encouraged by the program to develop unique gardens and “cultural vegetation” based on the background of the residents. Co-operative strategies like this help reduce the chances of social, racial and political divides which could lead to civil unrest.


Large walkways create spaces for activity and in many areas communal furniture is added to create Community Living Rooms & Connection Bridges. Within these spaces one can live/work and in the case of Connection Bridges, Small Floor hall meetings and events can be held; For example, Christmas Parties.



Architectural Intent

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Precedence Study

This mixed-used design creates close-proximity to healthcare, social, commercial and other amenities, supporting  inter-generational bonding. Set amidst a lush green environment with Universal Design features, the hybrid structure provides many spaces for multi-generations to enjoy.


This may also aid in the fight against social issues like ‘lack of tolerance’, racism and classism. This design facilitates the housing of a diverse set of people in 2092, as the population and demographics of Downtown Kingston, Jamaica is expected to increase. The inclusion of several units within a mix-use landscaper allows for persons to essentially live/work. Kampung Admiralty has successfully accomplished this within its context.


 In times of a global pandemic the design would allow persons to be safe, with all their needs in one place. This building’s Program’s also includes many outdoor spaces which allow for social interaction; this aligns with my architectural intent.

The commercial spaces are kept primarily on the Ground Floor and private spaces are placed on top. 



LOCATION: 676 Woodlands Drive 71, Singapore 730676

TYPOLOGY: Mixed Use Architecture

SIZE: 100,000 FT² / 9,290 M²

Location + Site Zoning

Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 8.47.56 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 9.09.38 PM.png

The site is located along Kings Street, Downtown Kingston, St.Andrew, Jamaica. 

This mix-use district is plagued by crime, abandonment, and urban neglect. The site boundary includes Kings Street and Chruch Street. Both streets are central vehicular and pedestrian access arteries; with a pedestrianized strip called temple lane between each linear pair of blocks. On the North-west segment, an existing courthouse is known as Supreme Court East; the Western Courthouse is directly opposite to the West.


Screenshot 2022-07-19 at 9.13.07 PM.png

Massing Exploration

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Program + Schematic Design + Architectural Drawings 

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