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Aspiring Architect + Caribbean Architectural Historian + Professor.

With an aim to specialise in Caribbean/Tropical Architectural Research and Theory. 

Hello there

I carry a lifelong goal of researching and publishing Caribbean Architectural History, Design and Heritage through visual and written pieces. I am currently interested in gaining experience in architectural education, design, construction documentation, building construction, project management, sustainable design, and historic preservation within the Caribbean's Construction Industry. It is my hope that with this experience, I will be able to explore and express Caribbean Architectural Content from an informed perspective on inception, design, construction, maintenance and preservation; thereby participating in the field of Architectural Research and Education.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP), I would describe myself as an empathetic ambivert, analytical and passionate individual with a strong appreciation for the world, particularly our region's built-environment. This aspect of my personality often guides my design approach, leading to a pragmatic reverse of the brief as opposed to being a reflection of my wants and needs. Attention and heightened sensitivity to the environment and social context are always present, along with a preservationist mindset. ​As an Architectural Designer in practice, I am loyal to the social context, the people and the environment.

My hobbies include reading fictional and historical content, architectural magazines,  Japanese manga, and comics. My creative outputs are architectural illustrations, beauty/fashion, design and writing.​ Professional Experience / Collaborative Interest in (not listed in preferential order) United Nations, CARICOM, Ministry of Sustainable Development (Saint Lucia + Guyana), A 5-year Apprenticeship under a Senior Architect, University of the West Indies: Research Department, National Trust throughout the CARICOM Region, Commonwealth Association of Architects, World Bank Development Projects.​ 

Education & Awards

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies (hons)  - (RIBA Part 1 = CAA Part 1)

Caribbean School of Architecture, University of Technology, Jamaica.

Award Grade: GPA 3.51


Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations

Independent Study (2015 - 2016) + VFCSS, A-level Department 

Advanced Geography Units 1 & 2, Art and Design Units 1 & 2,

Information Technology Unit 1, Environmental Science Unit 1, Digital Media Unit 1.


Associate Degree in Architectural Technology Program 

63 college credits acquired 

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College 

Graphic Communications, Architectural Drafting, CAD Literacy, Fundamentals & Principles of Architectural Design, Architectural History, Building Technology & Construction, Building Services (Plumbing and Electrical Drafting), Building Science, Communication Studies, and Caribbean Issues and Perspectives. 


Secondary Education: Technical/ Vocational Stream

Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School 

CXC Certificate: With A’s in English A, Social Studies, Building Technology: Construction, B’s in Mathematics, Physics, Technical Drawings, Geography, Electrical Technology.

  1. Best Final Design Studio Project (Academic Year 2021-2022) - Caribbean School of Architecture, Award for Best Final Design Studio Project Award for 4th Year in the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies.

  2. Best Final Year Undergraduate Research Project (Academic Year 2021-2022) - Caribbean School of Architecture, Best Research Project Award for 4th Year in the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies.

  3. Dean’s List Awardee (Academic Year 2021-2022) - Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Jamaica.

  4. CSAAA Award (Academic Year 2020-2021) Most All-Round Student - Caribbean School of Architecture Association Award for outstanding academic performance balanced with student leadership.

  5. Commonwealth Association of Architects: Student Design Competition Winner (2021-2022): Commendation Award - Project Ubuntu.

  6. University of Technology, Jamaica. 60th Anniversary Scholar (Academic Year 3) - Outstanding Academic Performance; 4th Place in the Faculty of the Built Environment.

  7. Maison de l'Architecture de Guadeloupe

  8. Second Year Project selected for exhibit at Maison de l'Architecture de Guadeloupe (MAG) in January 2022.


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